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Olympia research, manufacturing and market base are located in Dongguan China, led by a team with great enthusiasm in flexible LED applications. The team members from Olympia are skilled in electronic design, structure design, mold & plastic industry, quality control, manufacturing management and customer service. The vision is to provide creative but reliable flexible LED products to create value for customers.


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Waterproof IP68

IP68 waterproof rate, can be permanently immersed in water to the maximum depth of 2 meters. Very suitable for swimming pools, water features, fountains and other projects.


Arbitrary length, color and power. Soft light output: CRI>80>90, light output is uniform and soft, no stroboscopic, can be directly looked at.

Complete accessories

To better serve our customers, Olympia Lighting provides not only professional LED linear flex, but also a variety of controllers, power supplies, and mounting profiles.

3 Years Warranty

3-Year Warranty let you buy with confidence.

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Application Of LED Linear Flex In Swimming Pools


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