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Olympia research, manufacturing and market base are located in Dongguan China, led by a team with great enthusiasm in flexible LED applications. The team members from Olympia are skilled in electronic design, structure design, mold & plastic industry, quality control, manufacturing management and customer service. The vision is to provide creative but reliable flexible LED products to create value for customers.


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Product features

Uniform illumination​

The Neon LED strip light provided by Olympia Lighting is uniform and soft. We can customize CRI>90 too.​

3/5 Years Warranty

Olympia makes reliable products only, providing quick and strong technical support and after-sales service.​

Neon LED Strip Light 0002 %E5%9B%BE%E5%B1%82 3 - Neon Led Strip

Easy to Install

Olympia Lighting provides various sizes of Neon LED strip light. The minimum size is only 10*10mm. And we also provide a variety of controllers, power supplies, and mounting profiles for installation.​

Waterproof IP68

With IP68 waterproof rating, it can provide excellent functional lighting for wet areas such as bathrooms, dressing tables, etc.

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Project Portfolio

Application Of LED Linear Flex In Decoration


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